another lovely day

//09:17a + 15 Mar ’21 = Monday, Ides of March || dont judge fka twigs on gt//

/03:09p – well, damn. ‘Sound of Silence’ covered by Passenger, live. damn.

and there we go – smack dab in the hear of the afternoon and I have no idea what time it is – clock says “3:48p”, the grey cloudy day says ‘february, perchance snow’, the video playing on YouTube says 1990 (and to me, oddly enough, Knoxville) – so we’ll just say it’s probably a Monday, what with the first school bus hurtling itself down Maynard ave – a welcomed unwelcomed sight if I do confuse myself. Le sigh…

ah durhamtown – guess all cool towns have a golden era, followed by capitalism and greed. c. Apr ’14, durhamtown

got into the groove of getting some work done, playing some tunes I thought I’d like – I did – and neatening up the place. Not bad for a Monday, right?

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