‘like a wrecking ball in mashed potatoes’, even in March

‘like a wrecking ball in mashed potatoes’, even in March

well, that looks a mess

//8:46a + 22 Mar ’21 = Monday morn || ‘Glycerine’ solo performance on the Howard Stern program – kinda miss the 90s. Didn’t know what was going on but I enjoyed the soundtrack//

I didn’t know the joy of conversing with a nearly 4 year old. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. reminds me of the ‘Kids Design Glass’ art from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

when we used to go places this in one of the things we loved seeing. c. er? tacoma town

/9:53a – ‘Gold’ by Jake Isaac feat. India.Arie – nice GT – nice…

/02:07a (23mar21) – damn it all to hell. it feels as if we’re precariously balanced between hopeful salvation and true goodness for all, and a very long fall into a very big pit, perhaps on fire, definitely lots of screaming. I wondered if I should post… but dreadful shit happens daily, and maybe this will bring a smile.

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