On the water within, even in April

On the water within, even in April

gotta love

//08:46a + 2Apr21 = Friday morn, perhaps good? || Figmore sings of ‘Home’ on g.s. Gabriel’s show, Early, on keXp – the place we are/want to be//

Hi. My name is scott and wow – April. wow. How are y’all?

/10:47p Sunday, 4 April – well, those two days slipped away from me. how’d they go for you?

along the road, over there somewhere – a different life entirely. Guess it’s the ‘one lotto ticket’ fantasy for those of us who love to be in motion. c. Nov ’16, south on 81 town

I go through the numerous folders of photos, these road trip pics haven’t been looked at in 4 years, I’m sure. but I like them.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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