a sunny Sunday in the park with friends…

a sunny Sunday in the park with friends…

Olympic hockey on the TV (may I take a moment and say ‘thanks Tivo’ for making the men’s 50K mass ski thing at least fun to watch in fast motion?)

let’s see how this upcoming week turns out – last week was a bit of a wash. certainly have enjoyed the excitement of curling, though.

not sure what I’m trying to write tonight. I have hope that a personalized ‘march madness’ will make me head down the right path/trail/adventure, where I end up productive, enthused, and focused on all the good things in my life.

my note from last night will confuse those who aren’t me (or my shadows); fret not, it’s important to understand that what you read in the picture was an important change in my life. just as things have changed for west(ern) Germany over the last 20 years, so now things have changed for me. just a whole lot subtler. kinda like the passing of the Selectric III, or the Wang terminal, or phones with buttons on the handset (just how to they roll STU III into modern digi tele sets in the office, I wonder?)

so as February sails past, a month from a visit to the west has passed, spring is very close (my arch nemesis Ivy still taunts me from the corners) … movement in the abode has been slow, but significant over the weekend (thank goodness for a garage to put things in!!!). What are your hopes and dreams for the upcoming season of light and happiness?

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