because even in August I want to be helpful!

because even in August I want to be helpful!

So, in my trek there was discussion that theoretically was in my sphere of knowledge – 4-wheel-drive vans. I am fairly sure I wasn’t as expressive as I could have been, but in my defense “sleep dep” can be fun, it can be futile.

Ok, B&C – this is what I meant to be discussing.
Sportsmobile vans are the ones I whang-jangled describing. I was correct – Ford Eco-line vans turned into off-road applicable chariots. Essentially Jeeps for families, kinda.

Here’s a picture –

(c)×4-cutaway-04.jpg – pardon my borrowing ::scott::

Of course then we spoke of a PA conversion company – found them here – Quigley which has the Ford Transit conversions I believe B. was speaking too – warranty honored and such.

A picture –

(c) – pardon my borrowing ::scott::

So, yes – you can get what you want. All it takes is money.

sportsmobile vans are availalbe for rent – here – with a $2500 weekly rate as of Aug 2018.

Also here – with specials that sound great, if you have the time and money.

One last place – here – has these sort of rates –

And I even found the ‘previously loved’ page at Sportsmobile! – this is the Fresno site:

(c)×4/ – pardon my borrowing ::scott::

here’s where I mentioned that this avenue is ‘pricey’ – above is a 1998 ford diesel, 150+K miles, will sleep 4! – asking $45,000.

Quigley’s ad $~13K to up-grade a van to 4×4; with vans running ~45K new – tada! money well spent.

All of that said it is an option; this limited info was from a decent 45 mins of google-fu working off of my recollections and your hints.

I think for your upcoming voyage the F150 seems to suggest up to 20 city/25 highway; similar for the Tacoma; a Transit 150 runs 15/19!! (well, it is a cube) – the web says your ToyVan should be about 20 combined, so…

Wish I was more successful in the ‘there’s got to be a Unicorn setup company here somewhere’ – but I didn’t stumble upon it.

huh – poked the chevy colorado (Tacoma competitor) and it claims 20+/ up to 35 highway!! I  know they have a diesel in the mix (Toyota doesn’t) so there’s that.

Okie dokie – here’s to dreams and the pursuit of them!

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//9:42p + 2 Aug 2018 = Thursday eve | the whirring, clicking, spinning and clacking of neurons in full repast!//

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  1. awww – this is awesome! thanks for making some cliff notes for us (you know I hate a research project…) – will share w/Bob and read more carefully this weekend. love you!


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