even in August, my capacity for flumuxed-ness is amazing!

even in August, my capacity for flumuxed-ness is amazing!

hangin’ in with a hope and a Prayin’ – durhamtown, aug 2018

So here we go again. Again. yet once more, eh?
how the hell are you? you doing ok? you well? I hope so.

Ever have hopes and then have them dashed because technology just is not the awesome-magic-sauce we want it to be? Yeah – me too. So… we begin again. And the sky is a bright blue mind, clouds float in, clouds float out!

pre-storm sky mind, durhamtown, aug 2018

So, window clinging might be what we need to master. Perhaps.

I have enjoyed my break from this attempt at structured capture – no idea if I would have been able to continue + would have enjoyed + would have actually committed ‘creative effort’ – but if I did it would have been totally awesome. Like mind-blowingly awesome. Wanna see?

sunset over ShilShole Marina, Ballard, WA – Jul 2018

right there, says Rumbly. good point, son – Jul 2018, Ballard-town

something beautiful this way grows – ballard-town, Jul 2018

need more beauty? sure – here you go! – ballard-town, Jul 2018

four stones in your hand are worth how many birds in a bush? maths! hate ’em!! – Puget Sound, ballard-town, Jul ’18

and that’s from like 2, 3 days of our trek. Yeah – it was a very nice break.

And we are back. Back to Hobbit House. Hali is home from her Pet Wagon vacation.

weeeeeeee!!!!!! – Hali-tosis on her toes! durhamtown, Jul ’18

Adjusting to the not as crisp weather that the South in Summer has to offer. Re-confronting the incredible challenges we are facing, looking for a path over/onward. Wish us luck.

But today, as flumuxed as I am, I have hope. I find the balance I’m seeking in the amazing joy I soaked in, in the depth of the love and kindness not just from friends and family, but from the framilies of those friends, family. When the weight drags you down, and your attention is to where you’re heading, it’s easy to forget to look up, see the sun in the sky, understand that like the Olympics things will never change, and like the Amazon Crane-forest, everything is going to change. Kinda odd that I’ve grasped that at last, at this stage in my life. Kinda good though, I’m pretty glad – perhaps this understanding is the beginning of my learning to let go of the weight and pull myself up and out.

There’s a rock on my desk now –

a community, a keen observational communique, something solid, and a wonderful gift – all parts of my joy. durhamtown, Aug 2018

it’s one of a number of rocks I’ve gathered – oddly, they have little to no weight about them. They are reminders – so I can take note of where I’ve been.

Ok – this has been good, don’t you think? I mean, meandering – of course, obviously, I’m writing it – but crisp, from point to point… // sorry – went to see why my building was howling – turns out, a bit of a storm a brewin’ out there!!

hang in there Mantis, hang in there! – Aug 2018, durhamtown

… just whoa!//

Ok – crisp, point to point, did I mention I enjoyed Baywatch a bit, saw and like Justice league, want to finish the 2nd half of CHIPs, and by golly that’s a lot of movies I was able to watch! go me!
friends please be good to yourselves, let’s take care of each other, ok?

//2:58p + 2 Aug 2018 = Thursday afternoon || D-SIDES, ORPHANS & ODDITIES – 7/21/18 – ‘so glad we made it’ by Olivia? Gimme Some Lovin’… huh. why not have a great audio track to my afternoons?//