of double edged blades

of double edged blades

sunflower crafted as a metal sculpture
does metal ‘blossom’? – Nov ’16, NC Botanical Garden

I noted the headline last week from the Intercept/ Guardian on the latest release of good sir Snowden’s archives. 

// hmmm, soviet resident, yes? hmmm, oddly powerful russian hacking? hmmm, these times are certainly interesting, da?//

Of deeds perpetuated in the name of American Freedom, how No Such Agency utilized access via VPNs to spy on those around the world. & thus a double-edged blade.

In the unicorn filled utopia of a Michael Bay reality, I most certainly want my intelligence agencies to accomplish their missions – spy on our enemies. Keep us safe. As I see it, however, the problem becomes when the consensus of who the enemy is, on what it is to be safe – and free – becomes twisted, that the bloodletting begins.

I guess, in this rather pondering entry, is the bleeding happening close to the heart? When used against the private citizens & allies, hasn’t our fight been lost? I look at an areal of NSA main and understand – so many good, talented, professional people propping up a house of cards – is the blade cutting close to the root? How can madness be stopped?

Sadly I believe there is no recourse to heading down river, towards the thunderous roar of rapids, rocks, and cascades into the mist.

Beware the tools that make you magical for none are mighty enough to wield them well.