oddly near the end of August surprises abound

oddly near the end of August surprises abound

cloudy skies, blank walls, light traffic – au ’18, durhamtown

What exactly is it that I want to write here?
What exactly is it that I think I have to write about?
“write every day, speak every week” – good advice, but with out a goal I tend to wander

So, it seems like the leadership of our country is not the sterling example of what makes america great, is it? woot rule of law and some such. What’s that? saving your own hide? sure, whatever makes the world a better place.

a place to be, pretty skies – aug ’18, durhamtown

well shit.
from the show Banshee that’s eating my time the comment ‘do people really change? we evolve, trying to become better versions of ourselves, right?’ – that’s a good way of looking at things.

best of luck with our evolution, friends, family and passer-bys – at least the sky is blue from time to time.
Oh – Silencing Sam – that was a pretty good thing. so woot!


//1:36a+22Aug2018=early Wednesday morn || the howls of fans – but not in the good way//