A 4th, facing the stars

A 4th, facing the stars

So, I did it. Totally not freaking out. Well, maybe a little. I suspect however that like a few other critical junctures in my life I’ll have few repercussions that are of the magnitude I fear. C’est la vie, eh?


Now, there seems to be a need for any number of ‘bettering’ actions. Um, having a clue – having the ability to make the video useable. Oh – smooth edits.

Alas those will come, and I will practice in public until then.

I was happy to include as part of my guiding stars good sir Jim. I recall stumbling upon his essay at Stonekettle Station on shootings in America. He kinda nails it.

Sadly, he keeps nailing it. So fucking horrific, and no interest in making the effort let alone the actual work to change the world we live in.

Ok – I figure if I keep both sides – words+pictures & moving pictures+voice I should, in just a matter of months, have lots of ‘stuff’ out there. Wish me luck!

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

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