Learning to crawl – 005

Learning to crawl – 005

This effort is interesting – it’s the summation of decades of my internal voice now being expressed and captured. Shared, even.


Scary stuff. So very odd. But as I noted today perhaps that’s because I’m learning to crawl. Crawling along the floor of the Creator’s room, poking outlets with my somewhat out of control fingers. Wonder what’s gonna happen!

I sat at home tonight, catching up on a few of the channels I follow. I scrolled through my subscription ‘latest updates’ page – certainly felt out of my league. People know how to do stuff, and can make great videos sharing that. Me? Well … uh. Yeah. Not so sure about anything at the moment. Do know I love my kid, my wife’s amazing, and I have an incredibly supportive Blood. So that’s all good news.

I just have to believe that I’ll be walking in no time.

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

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