July Sixth, again

July Sixth, again

after some rain, and some heat, towards the end of the day

My son calls me ‘daddy’ & my world shudders. The power of a word.

I saw a note, possibly from NY Gov Cuomo, circa day 56 of our quaranTime. He was noting how 1918 went for 2 years, WW I for 4, WW II for 6, etc. – not to diminish but perhaps a perspective we are not embracing.

Darkness v. Shadows v. Sunrise

How will my life survive 4 years of quaranTime? How will the world survive these chaotic evil times?

I listened to an ‘at home’ version of Modern English’s hit tune “I’ll Melt With You” – truly fabulous video, outro includes the lives and times of old-fart new wave musicians, with tiny dogs and flowing robes. How. Fucking. Awesome. Plus the tune acted as a time machine, as they do. On this big blue marble are enough decent souls to fix it all – but somehow we are disenfranchised – how do you fight the system?

//11:05p+6July20= Monday eve | “I’ll stop the world and melt with you / hoo hoooo hoo, hooo hooo hoo hoo hoo <drums!>”, a fan near my desk, the pup and boo ‘loudly resting’ … fleeting feels of contented, controlled//

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