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from hard times come touch-points. C. Feb ’09, durhamtown

my wife’s laugh as she speaks with SMO re: “when else can you try human flesh without it being like murder?”. that was after the exclamation that “of course Johnny kept his leg!”

Or standing in the kitchen, looking at my calendar hanging on the fridge (thanks ma!) Noting that apparently we’ve returned to the same place in orbit about our sol, where two visits past we sadly said our goodbyes to our friend Alex. I recall the times he was sooooo excited about the videoing of shows he was pursuing – all sorts of happy about that. His enthusiasm was contagious. Even when he allowed me to be close to the pain he was in, a visit to the 7th floor (?) of Duke, subdued and not at all comfy. But happy to see us, happy to be with his friends.

Boo told me that last year we made art. I vividly recall the craft event, with my hopes and joys as a graduate of The Little Red Schoolhouse (Maynard/Marcy, NY) art curriculum class of (damn I’m old) … the paste kept the pics on, my painting wasn’t too ‘outside of the box (and on the table)’ – what am I doing this year to remember?

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But, when you’re clearing out the detritus of the past, listening to the voices you listened to in the past – you get to a) modify it on
//10:20a+22July2020= Wednesday morning || “One Tree Hill” by U2, from their The Joshua Tree never-ending road show and soiree!//

So, from a while ago, with images from even earlier. I stumbled onto a Flickr album from February 2009 to get the above/featured images. Just have to acknowledge that life is not like it was. For better, for worse.

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