July 22nd, again

July 22nd, again

frentic sky above, spinning globe below

and so once more around the sun, my journey continues unimpeded. ’cause, ya know – the big blue marble kept to its course, swung around, didn’t do a YOLO!! into the burning magma that is our Sol. Woot! Yay Earth! Way to keep it together!!!

so as I ground through the work day I was soaking in the joy and happy that is YouTube concert performances. Say at about 4:55pm today I listened to Rush perform “Closer to the Heart” from a show in 1990 at The Rabbit. so much goodness – for me – in that track. I soaked up some U2 from 1984 Dortmund and followed that up with 2009 U2 – because just wow. Recalled how I missed out on my first U2 gig in Tampa in may ’85. alas, when you’re as young, wild, and free as I was … no. wait. that’s not right. Oh, when you’re as confused, lost and flailing as I was. Yeah -that’s better. But still – they had heart. Like when they performed “Bad” – I was thinking ‘what if I had seen that in ’85? what would have changed?’

a trip to be fulfilled, too long ago. c. Oct ’09, Raleightown w/ U2

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:56p+22Jul20= Wednesday eve, right before I get older || the sound of fans, keeping us temperate//

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