July 23rd, again

July 23rd, again

The day starts with the pitter patter of little feet, the jingle jangle of the pupper’s collar tags, and the stark realization that the wee lad is rolling solo, un-supervised. alas, welcome to the next chapter in this book tentatively entitled “Chaos, Kittens & Crap – observations of entropy and how I learned to stop worrying and love myself – the Scott Wallace Mystery Misery Chronicles: Book 52 – pick a card, any card, life is but a game of cards … awww … you got the ‘order additional decks’ card, wow that sucks. Onward!!!!”

I might have to work on the title, but this chapter is bound to have hope and love, joy and happiness, heat-break and woe-ful sadness. and laundry. oh the fucking laundry. sigh. How are you today?

//8:22a – how about some Colin singing about our “Beautiful World“? sure, we can do that…//

//8:55a – on how tunes are awesome, then dismissed, then revisited and their power is noted, a new found respect? Ah pop culture, thee is not worthy of the wasted life we give you!! See how “Don’t Stop Believin’‘” from Journey sounds performed by David Simmons, Jr. on the stories YouTube page//

//9:07a – and the heart and soul in a woman’s voice … hooks into my soul. say, Sara Niemietz covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist” shall we?//

//12:29p – another coldplay cover – ‘Yellow‘ – lovingly rendered by Petra Haden via the stories YouTube page//

//1:18p – and then in listening you get to learn new good things, like how Chadwick Stokes’ song “Coffee & Wine” is a story about his parents! how cool.//

a restful nap, the weather strong, stormy, eases napping.
the dog barks, and barks, and barks…
the house smells yummy – eggs? I ask Boo – go back to napping she says. Alright, I can give myself that treat.
Arise in a bit, ‘it’s ready – come here’ Boo beckons… aha!! Love is real and tangible. And delicious!

given the chance to claim all the brownies – a sure sign of love. c. Jul ’20, Hobbit House

//10:27p – “Fade Into You” as performed by Kelly Clarkson, live. Well… yeah.

And so we wrap up “the” day. a lovely chat with blood, on all things awesome (aka how awesome we are!) – sharing of past memories with the Teenager was a pleasant moment, the kiddo was super cute many times throughout the day, and though the dumpster is still burning I do hold hope that as Saint Fred speaks – keep an eye out for those who come to help, the helpers.

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:04a+23Jul2020= Thursday, Blood’s birthday!! || Jamel_AKA_Jamal reacts to Rush’s “Working Man” – apt, eh? //

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