July 21st, again

July 21st, again

guess at 3+ minutes it’s a ‘Long Play’ vid? EP? hmmm…

Transitions, eh? Never-ending, rapidly speeding up, a quickening that leaves my perception of the change as just pure chaos, limiting any preconception of handling it to essentially ‘huh, guess it’s an e-class ticket ride – should probably have seat belts or those bars that come down over you, right?’

How’s your Tuesday? Seems the Masters are fomenting trouble, and we don’t have recourse – just have to tough it out. Seems … unfair. Thank you for coming to my TED talk, have a nice day.

a perfect summation of the Quarantime Era, eh? c. Jul ’20, hobbit house

//10:46p = Monday eve || Marc Cogman’s newish “Goldbricker” – from the day we shut ourselves down and in//

I like how I’ve been using this time recently – the time-lapse vids are a point of happy, the compiling, adding some music – that’s all very ‘look – I can do a thing!’, and I’ve needed that badly it seems. What I didn’t expect to bring me … peace? – was the addition of trying to encompass, no – introduce? – no. add to the effort a distillation of what good soul Mark has to add to my days. Say, today’s title for his entry – “Revealing Who We Are” – nicely broad, right? well, he then puts the truth like this – “No bird can fly / without opening its wings, / and no one can love/ without exposing their heart./ (not sure if an original, and unattributed/able dharm-ic token, what have you) – and right there, in a simple English sentence he presents something to ponder, hopefully to add to my/our lives. Pretty cool, eh? And by leaning towards making that part of what I scribble down here in this blog, well – I get to force myself to attend to this wisdom.

While I do the love of my sis is ever-present; her gift to me was showing me a path that she thought I’d enjoy/be able to use, and she was right. Thanks Blood – you rock!

One challenge I’m trying to approach would be adding pictures to the videos – say, a still of the kiddo or the puppers; of course the whole sharing images of the child – fraught now a days. But perhaps I can figure something out. It also points to the limitations of the software I’m using to quickly make these videos; I understand having multiple ‘tracks’ that either hide or reveal the other tracks; sadly Rush only has a disolve transition that kinda does that. I’ll have to poke about and see what it does.

ok – I hope you’re well, that the changes coming towards us are manageable for all of us, and that in the restless poking about the internets that I’m sure we’re all doing we’re finding a bit of good, a bit of joy. In re-watching good soul Marc (Cogman)’s music vids I’ve been reminded of the helpful music I listened to over the past 15 or so years. Good reminders that I’ve been to low and dark places, screamed lyrics and cried lyrics and listened to lyrics and found support for my travels along the hidden paths of Life. So, maybe that will be your truth this month too.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//08:59a+21Jul2020= Tuesday || just listened to a wistful Reeves offer his ‘ciao’ to his Tuesday overnight, off to Sunday overnight. touching, a bit sad. He dropped Boards of Canada’s “Dayvan Cowboy” from their 2006 The Campfire Headphase album//

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