July 20th, again

July 20th, again

mondays begin again

So the week starts, ending with an adventure. Oh how will this all unfold? Well, for sure it will be memorable. How’s your week going?

//6:24p on Monday eve, kinda lost day, but found this: Candlebox covering Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth“, so … win!//

Good soul Mark wrote for today – “When we stop struggling we float” – perhaps wise, but certainly not particularly coded to my flail at all costs lifestyle. Really you should go and find his book “The Book of Awakening” because all I ever want to do is repeat word for word what he has crafted, and the gush on and on about how, speaking of learning to swim, and distrusting the deep, he would flail until exhausted and “only when exhausted did I relax enough to immerse myself to the point that I culd feel the cradle of the deep keep me afloat” – um, yup.

“immerse myself to the point that I could feel the cradle of the deep keep me afloat” – that right there – pure gold. you have been warned.

in pursuit of details, a grimy fingered toddler and an ‘Old’ share a cuppa cold brew. c. Jul ’20, Hobbit House

Ok – a long video, a bit of a hectic start to a hectic week+, and I leave you with this – I hope you and yours are well, that joy and peace are nearby, and that we all get to stand up and feel good again, soon.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//2:17p+20July2020= Monday afternoon || it was Africa by Toto as covered by Leo, but now it’s Hannah’s rendition of “On My Own“, because sure, why not//

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