baby dino wants their food

baby dino wants their food

skies are blue, clouds drift by

//3:19p + 14 February 2021 = Sunday afternoon, the day of Valens || the kid does watch a healthy American sized portion of screen time – but he does seem to learn things so there’s that!//

it probably says something that on such a momentous hallmark holiday both Boo and I are generally content with our heartfelt declarations. perhaps if I had not been down and out for the past few days I would have made a little something special – but there’s comfort in knowing that the love is there no matter how well or badly a holiday is celebrated. well, except for that one time – never gonna live that one down.

few months into quarantimes – stormy skies, empty streets. c. Jul ’20, durhamtown

In picking thru various folders of photos I’m taken aback a bit by how strange and new things were, and how normal things are, but again – still how weird it all is. probably a psyche snap-shot machine would be as interesting.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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