whose return are you awaiting/dreading?

whose return are you awaiting/dreading?

of other times but similar loveliness

//08:42a + 14 Feb 2021 = Sunday, Valentines day || a slow thrumming ache in the front top quarter-hemisphere today, but at least I’m up and actually here!!//

so a video a day isn’t tough. not really even hard. but – a video of clouds every day – when each day doesn’t have clouds? a bit more of a challenge. Like a ‘golden hour’ show this past week – sheesh I tell ya! but we soldier on – kinda like when a guilty man gets to walk – it’s not good for anyone. tip o’ the hat to Dick though – obvs he has nothing to lose but it was nice to see him step up – as boo said, perhaps my calls helped.

Did I mention how I had to guess/uninstall/reboot/install/reboot/repeat to get my Lightroom back to operating condition? woot for upgrades that are less upgrades and more prayer sessions. weeee….

our tree out front, street lamp illuminated, not really darkness eh? c. Jan ’21, hobbit house

/10:23a – dora speaks fluent spang-lish, and I’m alright with that. I wonder/worry about the kiddo’s education/learning – but also feel that we’ve got this. so much to offer there’s bound to be a path that excites his interest and curiosity – we just need to practice listening to him. It’s like a tree growing in a town … well. no. nothing like that at all. but thought a comment about a tree would connect the photo above to this discourse. trees. education. learning. maybe the main trunk is the point of it all -math is the knowledge of numbers, and this branch is about check books, and this branch is about statistical modeling, and this branch is how to cheat on your taxes – stuff like that? Sure – who has the right to say what’s right or not? this is ‘merica!!!

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