what I need right now, even in September

what I need right now, even in September

the one where I flail but still connect

an early morning awakening. the kiddo in good cheer. the news … oh the news. is it really? well, how about the shock – the new shock. and what I need right now is to hear anyone say ‘we were wrong – wow.’ Kevin? Steph? Wendy? TJ? anyone?
I mean, really – anyone. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie, I invented it!

moments of strong joy, recollected, help. c. Sep ’11, oak island town

In my mind’s debate I try to find the angle that will open the eyes of those whom I dearly believe should know better. since I have little self-assuring confidence (I mean, I’ve got the confidence, eh? Often wrong – but never in doubt! (that word’s spelled weird) ) I also spend time picking at my fastly held beliefs.

Freedom of religion – sure – you should be able to practice your faith as you see fit, as long as it doesn’t impact those who do not hold your beliefs. the whole golden rule shit, right?

We are equal… I mean, when I have to celebrate – in 2010! – my friends ability to commit marriage to the person they love, um – truly – what the fuck? But for some reason, rational educated people believe that THEY have the secret knowledge to allow them to tell others what to do with their lives, with their bodies, with their dreams. My initial reaction is ‘go fuck yourself, you self-centered ass’ – but then I take a moment, think about how they got to that understanding. Then I add …’ with a running chainsaw’, ’cause why should those who would inflict pain and anquish on others for no good reason be coddled?

Which brings me to modeling. fuck … modeling. How to be the person my kiddo will recall when he faces illogical people demanding adherence to viscous and mean rules. How to channel the fine folk each and every day so that he gets a glimpse of kindness, love, hope, wisdom? and does it matter? gaaahhh!!!!

above the land, accidental great shot, c. Sep ’11, oak island towne

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