it’s not like not noticing is an option.

I recall the hours I worked to make a thing to reflect the big thing, and how I’d revisit the things I made and feel … good? um, not-bad? (which is certainly different than good, shall we agree?) – and then … life. I know the kiddo certainly rocked my standing place, my footings shifted to allow a much different viewpoint. Perhaps if his arrival had been sooner, I would have also changed then? can’t really say, though.

This year though – wow. What a time to be alive – interesting times I believe the curse goes. So we get through, our reserves for outrage and shock not just diminished but empty and dry, currently a store-room for the laundry and dishes and all the other alleged actions of import – looking at you pile of ‘to-dos’; we celebrate the arrival of bedtime – we’ve made it thru once more – hooray!!

It’s not supposed to be like this. right? I mean, of course there will be and should be things to be made better – but that we’re picking up slime covered rocks from deep in the swamp puzzles me – why are we dealing with this, when these other things are really really important and not impossible to improve on; no one will help me understand and that’s frustrating.

Shall we continue along, beginning again once more? yes, we shall…

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:55a+12Sep20 = Saturday … of a of a long and short week || keXp speaks on Taylor Swift’s arrival at 90.3 … //

below are words from the previous days … wander about. I certainly did.

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Of days – and realities – gone by, oddly in September

Yesterday for some reason I asked the Universe of the Internet of Peter Egan. I was rewarded for my seeking.

Beyond 200 mph. Mit Radio.

In 1987, The World’s Fastest Cars Couldn’t Catch A 211-mph Twin-Turbo Ruf, wrote Peter Egan for Road & Track, July 1987 issue

Imagine my genuine joy to realize that the writing that fanned the flames of my automotive lust was, upon reflection, still some damn fine writing. I count myself lucky for his guidance (from afar, and offered to all who partook) as I stumbled out of the land of AMC Concords and brown 4-door Malibus. Tell me, who was a speaker to your dreams?

so, I took a break for a day or three, and in returning – or attempting – feel a bit discombobulated – but to endeavor is the first trait of fools, eh? And so instead of my historic ‘all full of feels of something important’ I’ve started today with a historical ‘this was good’ – I hope, because hope is the land of the dreamers – that you too find comfort in what ‘was good’ – I find it helpful to be reminded.

As such, happy birthday Don.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//08:54a+11Sep2020 = Friday, bright and somber || “Ancestors” by gonjasufi plays on Early, on keXp, ’cause b.a Gabriel is honoring those who came before, an apt ode for the moment in time, eh?//

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We meet again, September 7th –

A Monday morning. 7:20am. A kiddo cries out – hurt? Scared? Lonely? Or that he’s finished his cheese-stick & wants more? Thank goodness this is a holiday Monday so will have the entire day to figure it out.

The morning con-fab, doing what monster trucks do.

Fall weather arrived for our long weekend, as I see shared note of 117 out west – yikes! These days are certainly alarming. How – oh dear universe – how to find the calm & hope-filled core? My simple thoughts seen to be incompatible with guiding a threenager thru his fall process/schedule, alas.

But we will try, we will continue along this path – ever onward, sometimes forward.

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