Hello, September 2nd, once more

Hello, September 2nd, once more

not sure if the new ‘style’ is working for me…

“Take me to another place, take me to another land …” – and just. like. that. – time shift – the musical time machine transports me to Arizona, early ’90s. White supremacists whom I’m sofa surfing. A community watch meeting in which I try to be bold. the utter shock of asinine behavior – a loaded glock, unloaded and handed to the supremely bored Customer Service clerk at the SuperMart. His glee at the polycarb ‘plastic’ knuckles he recently got – can’t wait to crack skulls. I just stood and watched, no idea how to react (when you’re young and naive, as opposed to older and willfully ignorant, right Steve?) – and a tune came on the radio as my world shrunk and cracks and crumbled. Tennessee. Huh. A friend offers help and I accept. My father foots the bill, I take a very, very long Greyhound, and my first attempt at living on my own ends. with a whimper. at least it wasn’t a bang. or a thud (sure, let’s rappel. you have rope? cool? Weeeeee….)(to be young and clueless… so much fun, adventure, danger!)

And with that I arrived at Life 4.0 (or 6. or 7 – really, I knew how to cram things into the day-to-day in my teens!), strolled to a Turtles Music to get some free music mags, bemused MickeyMatt’s cousin, and ended up finding out that the piece of shit I hung with ever so shortly in Arizona was a classmate of G.’s out of Knoxville environs. Small world, for a world traveler, in the ’90s.

Someday I’ll hear “fluffy clouds” by orb and bore you with Scott’s Life Stories(R) #517 – Scott Leaves the Bay Area for Dreams of Two-Wheels & Control!!!

such moments in my life, like happy ones. c. Jul ’93, knoxville town

We round the clock face to the final uphill battle – a race, though without the energy needed. funny how we used to have all the energy we needed. I’d blame the wee lad but his heartfelt ‘wanna see my friends, wanna take school bus to see friends’ this evening crushed me a bit. damn – at least these are the times that all of his peers will be able to at least state ‘well, yeah, I was raised during prohibition too – car always stank of moonshine when we went to church’ kinda things. right?

didn’t know it but my time was short in LA. c. Sep ’06, Lexhaus-town

these past few weeks my casting about in the stream of forgotten remembrances has been … weird. nice – I love having the grey matter crackle a little bit to life – like above, the musical time machine – the photo time-portal is special. note to those starting out with photos – make a folder where you put the moments you only want to visit on purpose, just a good idea.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//9:10a+02Sep20 = Wednesday morn || “Tennessee” from Arrested Development feat. Dionne Farris, as heard on keXp’s Early show with Gabriel Teodros//

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