Hello September 4th, once more

Hello September 4th, once more

it’s not Rocket Base Pynda nor Black Rock City, but it’ll do

Good morning. It’s particularly noticeable … in the morning … right away. How much chaos there is in the system. Maybe that’s why mornings are challenging – the transition from restful chaos to irritating chaos? anyways – off to fee/water/walk/stare frustratingly at the pup, while the kiddo screams for some reason in the other room… sigh.

I wonder if anyone else looks back and is amazed? c. Sep ’19, ’89 hahn-land town

Traditionally I would have spent the week happy and excitedly staring at my web screens for images from Black Rock City, home of the Burning Man Festival. I’d steep myself in its history, its culture, at work, sharing with b.a Shannon – she’s always sport for the strangeness of mr. scott’s not so wild but ya know, interesting ride. But it’s Blursday the 4 hundred and thirty 10th of Mar-un-gus-member, and so I poked Nature One and their official after movie from 2019’s ‘Teh Twenty Five’ is mesmerizing. Shows what can be described as a German/Euro Burn … lots of youth, lots of … well, pretty lights and pretty people I guess. Click the pick above to go to the YouTube vid.

Wonder if there’s a Burning-Dad fest. whatever would it involve? A DeWalt pavilion – screw and saw to the beat of YOUR music (fuck you wheels on the fucking bus!). A New Balance chill zone – swap on some sweet new walking shoes, grab a cold beverage, walk around the fun parts of a Costco (take that 9 boxes of 500 wipes, and a box of 32thousand diapers!!). If we’re lucky there will be a NiteEyez/ToolLogic/Kershaw EDC pavilion – figure out the exact right perfect combo of stuff to go into our pockets. (trust me I’m depressing myself trying to come up with witty spoofs on the body paint/glitter, mostly naked dance rave out in the middle of beautiful no-mans land (or a decommissioned missile base, as is Nature One’s home) to peak the joy de vie of middle age men. If I were sporty there’d be a crack about pickup games (oh – a slight trampoline floor so even out of shape old white guys could dunk! Not only corked bats, but with magnets to pull the ball straight to the sweet spot! ah, the dream lives of Middle-of-the-road western civ fathers from the 80s & 90s, eh? What a wonderful weird world! oh – gotta run – I hear third Eye Blind warming up…)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Not only do I miss the world I never was part of – looking at you MotorbikeMatt and your web-show of wonderment from BlackRockCity – but I most certainly am feeling bummed about not being able to have that positive random visit by Shannon where I share the pics of the early morning art burns that I’d screen-cap… alas the world is not what it used to be, eh ?

before big changes a small attempt. c. Sep ’16
MotorBike Matt offered wonderful gifts. May he be an inspiration. c. Sep ’16
some folks headed out to have a good time. c. Sep ’16

//11:53a – || “So Alive” by Love and Rockets, from The Morning Show with b.a. John … a surprise hit, he says, from 1989. Ah, Sep ’89 – Austin? huh.// and… followed by Empire of the Sun’s “Alive” … and then Pearl Jam’s “Alive” – a leitmotif, eh? (WHFS’ DJ Aq … alas I am old and filled with recollections … that mean … ???)//

//7:03a + 4 Sept 2020 = Friday, finally || “Hard Sun” cover – LBC Band gives Eddie Vedder’s version a heartfelt belting, at the edge of a man-made lake, somewhere in Europe I think//

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