‘ello September 5th, once more

‘ello September 5th, once more

may we all get what we want, may we all have what we need

//4:27p+5Sep20= Saturday afternoon || kids show dialog in the other room, boo and the kiddo chatting about dinner, building blocks, and I suspect smiling ’cause they feel happy//

Ah weekends. Weekends!!! Woot!!! Fuck yeah – weekend!!!

How’s your life going? If I’m remembering well today then I’ll have a note re: FOMO with my Cloud-lapse. Fear of missing out. Was up early today and noticed the full moon behind our front tree, so I popped in the celly and shot some ‘tasty’ moon set … went back out once the sun had overtaken the sky and looked at a) the umbrella in the frame (doh!) and then looked up above hobbit house to seem if there was a ‘shot’ there … nope. just blue sky. Blood and I speak about if a clear sky is something I should leave in the cloud-lapse; I’m in the insecure realm (ha ha ha – called ‘my life’) where I certainly want to entertain anyone who might accidentally stumble upon my collection of … stuff. I mean, clouds speeding by are eye-catching, the implication that as you walked amongst the mortals up above the heavens waged a fluffy and occasionally grey war!!! sometimes crying upon our distracted minds, hopefully not pissing their pants (though, with the storms this year, gotta say – would not at all be surprised by the ‘actual’ run-down offered once this wild ride is over. “what about that time…? ‘oh – yeah, nope – just tears.’ ‘the frogs that one time?’ ‘oh, yeah – that was … interesting. did you all every ‘create’ beer pong? let’s say we do it differently here, and well … things happen from time to time. I mean there was that one time when we got a “bad” batch of brown Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25. ha ha ha – man, I think y’all called that era ”2020″ but man, spiders crawling inside our skulls, the colors and sounds swapped places, there were absolutely no Fruity Pebbles left in our butt’ry … wow, what a time to be alive I tell ya’)

Um … where was I? Oh, yeah – Saturday during the Quarantimes. sigh.

but what about hearin’ now? well, Hard Sun is the current hook on repeat. c. Sep ’20, hobbit house

//4:44p – || “SaraMuffinCake” on YouTube offers the gift of a soulful rendition of ‘Hard Sun’ – Eddie’s cover of Indio’s late 80s tune//

How much can you lift? Do you even go to the gym, bro? Perhaps the tunes that stick are the ones sharing a message I’m not … reiterating? resonating? accepting? “… there’s a big/ big hard sun/ beating on the big people/ in the big hard world…”

One of these years I’ll recall how I stumbled upon Indio’s track – suspect it was out of my Knoxville life, from a Sampler CD I bought for some other track – Lemonheads or some such I believe. Dragons? Ah, this brain – so full, so fluffy.

//4:55p – || So Sarah offered up a Tom Petty cover – ‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ – again, how the tunes make their way into my brain…//

//12:46a = late late sat night || well – how about some hope in the form of Just Joe covering Triumph’s ‘Magic Power‘ … ’cause damn.//

my kiddo. perhaps post class time … how is this … why is … just wow. c. Aug ’20, hobbit house

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