it’s like a postcard from a friend … a few months ago

how do we continue down a path while we spin spin spin, balance who needs it??!!, arms out eyes closing head tilts back and… whoops.

“Acedia was a malady that apparently plagued many medieval monks. It’s a sense of no longer caring about caring, not because one had become apathetic, but because somehow the whole structure of care had become jammed up.” – the ever helpful Bruce Schneir

//08:39a + 15Oct20 = Wednesday morn || over the joy of a young James ‘Book of Life’ from Common Sense spins under the watchful gaze of Gabriel on keXp’s Early show//

++ ++ ++

though fetal feelings did take place. c. Oct ’20, hobbit house

lyrics from keXp – my friends are kinda strange by Left at London feat. Chuck Sutton @ 09:07a+14Oct20 = Wed morn

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:47a+14Oct20 = Wednesday || “Turntables” from Janelle Monae, from All In: The Fight for Democracy – from good soul John on keXp//

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