Foolish Silence, oddly in March

Foolish Silence, oddly in March

think there’s a bit of a mismatch between audio and visuals … alas

//1:46p + 9 Mar 2021 = Tuesday afternoon || dulcet tones of the John & Morgan Drive Week duet – all you have to do is donate! Do – nate!//

I will report that hope springs eternal (though I do desire for hope to survive!) and chatted with Boo re: our vaccination plan; will need to read up on the differences between the two types, but I can say without hesitation I’m willing and waiting for my chance. I wish I knew more so I could ask smarter questions about these times we’re living through.

on not much more than a whim Boo & I traveled one winter, and we stopped at Arches NP. c. Jan ’01, Archestown

And once we were young! I turn over in my mind what advice I will want Rumbly to heed once he starts his journey into the world. Of course our worlds will have very little in common, so I’m suspecting it will be of the sage time-less wisdom of ‘always wear clean underwear’ and ‘tip your waitstaff generously!’, stuff like that. Of course in my brief recollection of advice I was offered – no clue what stuck and what didn’t.

I hope we get to see each other in wonderful new places soon enough!

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