human rights in america ~ Washington Bullets, the Clash

human rights in america ~ Washington Bullets, the Clash

a day gentle, generous, easy

//08:45a + 5 Feb 2021 = Friday morn, Int’l Clash Day! || nuked the soundbar roku – woops! – so rebuilding the logins. sigh. at least Gabriel is spinning some Clash – Washington Bullets – on his Early show on keXp//

struggling to get by – I occasionally wonder what life must be like – when you aren’t scrambling to hang on. Seems not much happier, from all the bitching and fear-based actions I see/hear about.

which week would you like an example of systemic racism from? last week? Rochester cops, 9 year old black girl – pepper sprayed. as far as I know Rochester is still standing. just saying. I’d say it would be tough to help you understand, but alas you already understand. now you’re just being a bigoted asshole.

“I don’t see anything in 2019 – is jumps from 2018 to 2020” – perhaps a decent explanation for any concerns/issues from ‘back in the gathering times’ … le sigh.

“We’re anti-Fascist, we’re anti-violence, we’re anti-racist and we’re pro-creative.” – not too hard, eh? oh, being against ignorance. yup. we can do this.

from some work building in LA. c. Mar ’06

/5:11p – hurry up already the team members urge.

so we get thru one more week – that’s not a bad thing. got to get on top of the planning of things though. a bit out of practice I guess. Step one – look at the framework – two days until someone has to be somewhere. Now … think!!

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