we ride together, or we don’t ride at all! even in March

we ride together, or we don’t ride at all! even in March

stormy weather

//11:51a + 18 Mar ’21 = Thursday morning || Holy Roller (Hallelujah) by Portugal. The Man – nice choice for that moment g.s. John. Thanks//

‘Groovy Train’ – turns out the band’s name is ‘The Farm’ – would this be part of John’s ode to the Transit folk? I can only hope :- )

So here we are, here we go – again. I suspect that, like all the bad times I’ve been thru before the highlights will be memorable, and perhaps the general malaise will be equivalent to the 1990’s take on the 80s cold war fears; reasonable for the time but we’ve gotten past that. Though this being America I won’t count on any of this being better for my kiddo’s kiddos.

from the ‘before’ times – though we’ll need a program by the time we get halfway thru the roaring ’20s I think. c. Jan ’00, bostontown

I have hope on the natural path of things/life. Kiddo is growing and becoming a version of himself and I am astonished, then flabbergasted, then amazed. all that on top of the bedrock of gratitude I feel for all of the good in my life. He asked boo and I to go hide and he’d find us. told us to hide in the closet. he’s a very talented Rumbly!

During the last fund drive for keXp – was that last week? 6 weeks ago? tomorrow? ugh – g.s. John read a listener’s letter on why they (we) support the community – the listener stated that the music is great, really, but they tune in for the mic breaks – it’s then that the real humans of keXp share their humanity with the community, and for that listener it was the best part of tuning in. I smiled ’cause I completely agree. Especially this last year (!) having the constant companionship of fine folk who are finding their own ways during chaotic times; it’s reassuring that the ‘easy path forward’ is not available, there may not be one (to us mere mortals; looking at you, Wall Street Peeps) & we’re all struggling. It helps. It’s helped a lot.

I bring up the concept of ‘tuning into your friend’s radio show’ since, for the day at least, there’s been a focus on appreciating the transit folk. Say, those who run the trains. The Midnight Train to Georgia. Or the Groovy Train. Or the Last Train to Clarksville. To which good soul John noted – ‘only one train left – the Crazy Train’

That’s why I tune in.

Hell – at least I know the reason for one thing I do often – go self awareness go!

from a moment where I looked for subjects to photograph in response to a challenge/assignment. a wonderful moment, May, ’14, Carrborotown

I do really like taking a stroll / swim thru the photos. Lots of times I’ve had, lots of good times.

/7:12p – sky multicolored in it’s storminess, thunder in the distance, we wait for it to pass…

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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