often we don’t realize where we are in history, even in April

often we don’t realize where we are in history, even in April

fun in a grey day

//9:41a + 24Apr21 = Saturday morning || the slow ache of my bones, blood, and soul. oh, also ‘g.s. John’s Friday broadcast where he’s spinning ‘The Wall & I’ from The National//

hey. how ya doing? how was your yesterday? Good. Me? Oh – received the second dose of my COVID-19 vaccine. Go Team Moderna!!Also a bit ‘ouchie’, a bit ‘ugh, wow’. As I noted yesterday with Blood – did the shot cause epic weariness? or did the final act of setting down a bit of the uncertainty of life we’ve lifted and dragged (let’s be honest – few have carried it) lo these long weeks.

the surest signs of hope. c. Feb ’21, hobbit house

There have been a few ‘in my life’ situations similar to the events of 2020. Most equivalent would be the certain dampening (and not in the fun way!!) of how to enjoy becoming a young adult, at the dawn of the HIV age. Can you get it from kissing??!!!! (stop licking doorknobs to prevent Covid-19 infection) Condoms will potentially save your life! (Disinfect the groceries you brought in to your house – wait three hours before putting them away! (poor poor ice cream)) Get tested! If positive grapple with how your life may end.Good luck!! (oh, and don’t worry, compassionate conservatism helped those who did not help feel alright with their actions. such compassion, much wow)

/6:57p – ‘Humpty Dance’ by the Digital Underground, on g.s. John’s Friday morn show. of a time and place, eh?

Today will be reflected upon in the years to come, I suspect. for good reasons, and for melancholy ones too. much much gratitude g.s. Jenny – a day without worry was quite therapeutic. Muddied the whole ‘you’ll feel tired’ as side effect for 2nd shot, but we’ll have to live with that.

there’s this core seedling of a thought/feel – ‘I’ve survived this’ – it’s a nice thing. will try to remember to feed and water that one.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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