begin again, oddly in April

begin again, oddly in April


//09:42a + 23 Apr 21 = Friday, round 2 || solo debut from Radiohead’s guitarist – sounded fun! “Shangri-La” by EOB; thanks DJ Miss Ashley//

/10:24a – “Smile” from Wolf Alice, spun by good soul John – well damn!

So I picked a ‘featured’ image I’ll put into the clouds of the 23rd post – so yay for remembering to do the thing you thought you should do!

the ‘body’ image though – ended up with this one –

frosted mornings are magical. I’m glad I get out to snap pics when they happen. c. Dec ’16, hobbit house

and once again – words, pictures, movies – how am I doing?

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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