Running thru the lane, even in May {& June} {& why not July?}

Running thru the lane, even in May {& June} {& why not July?}

today is not this day, it’s later

//10:03a + 10 May 2021 = Monday || “Home” by Mad Foxes, by good soul John, on keXp//

or maybe it’s |Wed 09 Jun 2021 @09:12| – with ‘City Blues’ by TOBi on Gabriel’s Early show. you just don’t know!

/|Tue 15 Jun 2021 @08:07|- we … begin, again.

we begin with the slightest crack into an insight… while gabriel spins “Ghosts of Grenfell Lowkey feat. Mai Khalil Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 2019 – Mesopotamia Music” it dawns on me – “8:05 AM  – Ghosts of grenfel – thru the greed of ordinary men the masses suffer. Where are your gods now?”

how to change the course of the universe, eh? we’re gonna need a bigger lever.

|Wed 30 Jun 2021 @16:20| OK – FINAL attempt, shall we? ’cause I think I want to stack the vids so I can point and say ‘I did a years worth’ – thoughts? Larry spins Nation of Language’s Across That Final Line on keXp. like it – vague the rescue synthy bop.

How’s things? seems the north west didn’t spontaneously combust – woot! still, 120 in Oregon, 110 in Seattletown?? whoa!

weighing if I have what it takes to go full ‘365 clouds’ this week; perhaps tomorrow should be different videos? hmmm… what though.

keXpieces – will have to after effect that… but does anyone need a Cliff’s Notes version of The Morning Show? hmmm…

|Thu 01 Jul 2021 @08:46| – now we’re just being ridiculous, eh?

however – besides rabbits that are white, I watch a tedTalk and find myself intellectually stimulated, a guide-light shining on the un-illuminated corners of my soul/psyche/life – from Jordan Raskopoulos’s talk on living with high functioning anxiety – ‘I never relax.’ & ‘oh – there’s nothing wrong with me! there’s just something wrong with me…’ on being freed once you find out you have a mental health issue. and on doing something about it. her roller derby name is ‘Judge Booty’ – that’s how awesome is.

Do I combine her performance with Alan’s ‘galaxy of emotions’ app?

|Thu 01 Jul 2021 @12:53|- did boo just win tix for a rosebowl show next may? yup. ’cause keXp is awesome! also – wow. ha ha ha

|Thu 01 Jul 2021 @23:29| – and now, as Canada Day comes to a close, I offer y’all a video of clouds, truly a random amount of words on chaotically focused thoughts. All ’cause it’s what I do. Hope y’all are doing what you do too, may we all find joy.

glad he had a backup plan in case the space thing didn’t pan out :- )

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

wonder if Chris has met this guy…

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