Did I mention, even in February, adventure was had in December?

Did I mention, even in February, adventure was had in December?

|Mon 28 Feb 2022 @17:05|
//radio central NZ spins Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’ hit, which with regards to me, this site, words and images – well, it’s a fab theme song wouldn’t you agree?//

In a moment of frustration and luck I got to take Rumbly on a road trip over the holiday break last year. It was truly awesome. I’m sure I won’t do the story justice – my side is a mix of ‘wow – look at me, being a dad and having my son go for a trip’ plus ‘wow – this universe/timeline is weird’ and also ‘ah, the road. I remember you my friend – motion/travel/trek/transition; going somewhere, sometimes new, sometimes not. yes – I like this!’. His side? ‘I see a water-tower!’

not the first water tower, but by now it was a fun game. c. Dec ’21, o/a Rt 8/I-88 town

Having a few weeks under my belt as much as the road was a star of the adventure I have to say I’d trade all that for more time with friends and family. Matt & Jo-Anne got to meet Rumbly. About fucking time, eh? A reunion with Aunt Alyssa was truly joyous. Getting to spend time with Shari and David, meet JD & Amber, finally introduce him to Kimmy (I remember your elation, dear friend. took a while but … Ta-da!!)

a december morn in Upstate, the boy sees what I’ve seen. c. Dec ’21, yorkvilletown

He made new friends (there’s apparently a sleep over to be done with Daniel when next we’re up), met family, saw things. Oh the things he saw! He made snow angels and kicked over snowmen. Was there an introduction to air hockey and pinball? Perhaps rabbit, perhaps.

get with it, please! cows with masks, c. Dec ’21, yorkvilletown
a better guide to winter frolicking than David? Can’t rightly say. c. Dec ’21, trinitytown

[|Mon 28 Feb 2022 @17:21| – Radio Central NZ spins up ‘King of Pain’ by the Police; nice]

Places and people were certainly all that mattered much. Seemed he enjoyed it all – and somewhat unbelievably Boo seemed happy with our adventuring.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

[|Mon 28 Feb 2022 @17:27| – Steve Miller Band – Jet Airliner seems appropriate, once more]

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