Funny how holidays can give you perspective, even in May

Funny how holidays can give you perspective, even in May

Mom being awesome, c. Apr ’69, marcytown

To all you mothers – huzzah!

I opened up the book of Faces and noted love and kindness and honorable sentiment. I glanced over, picked up Mom’s Balls(c)(r) and – as I have on this day for while, certainly these past 5 years – told her ‘thanks’. This year the kiddo noticed the ‘special rock’ and, well – yeah. Definitely special.

In 2009 I found the automatic/unthinking thoughtfulness of this day, this celebration utterly offensive. From the emails reminding me I can order NOW for delivery in time, to the marketing in the stores, to the plastering of ‘Happy Moms Day’ messages (erm, on MySpace I presume?) – how fucking dare y’all??!!!

Lo these few years later I am at peace. I’ve gained distance from the pain, attained a vantage to which I can smile and laugh at the coffee I sip to be functional in the morning, to the befuddlement of a 5 year old’s joy & rage. A photo of kind souls and their twins make me smile – I do so hope that family finds endless amounts of joy.

Funny how the recipe is basic, all purpose, fundamental – ‘the duck is somebody’s mother’ – we change the spices, the baking method, certainly the suggested service size. Guess the best way to honor those who mothered us thru the trials and tribulations of growing up is to do our best to make this world better, eh?

Boo – you’re an amazing mother to my son.

Ma – miss ya. Love you.

understanding and kindness – hope it rubs off. c. May ’22, hobbit house

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