sunny starts, hopeful days (daze?), even in April

sunny starts, hopeful days (daze?), even in April

soul meets decision matrix vs. the world. c. Apr ’22, hobbit house

|Wed 20 Apr 2022 @09:36|
[questions and answers in one ear, familial discourse in the other ear, the pup wailing in the background]

Today I offer this lovely art for your enjoyment –

© Jon Foreman, c. Apr ’22, colossaltown

Good soul Jon seemingly has found a place to be in tune with our world, and I envy him for that. Perhaps I can make a note for Rumbly so he contemplates such a thing earlier than I have.

|Wed 20 Apr 2022 @10:12| – a road trip starts… g.s. John spins ‘breathe’ by the Floyd of Pink; 1973 – the year keXp will celebrate this week. ’cause they’re cruising thru 50 years of broadcasting. pretty cool, yes? may we all have a love that lasts and gives joy.

So I share photos – moments – from the past. I try to attach words to the recollections, the emotions an image brings to the forefront. Is it a good thing? Is it a waste of time? Don’t know – do know I enjoy seeing … progress? movement? change I’ll suppose – judgements come from the differentiation.

|Wed 20 Apr 2022 @14:11| – the day has been busy – and so I’ll share this niceness and continue my pondering another day.

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