Popcorn distractions & very busy days (daze?), oddly in April

Popcorn distractions & very busy days (daze?), oddly in April

of finally seeing your hopes (& fears) in the flesh. c. Apr ’17, chapel hill town

|Tue 19 Apr 2022 @08:57|
[Jan & Dean sing about the ‘Little Old Lady’, apparently from the 91104, or 7 perhaps. an easy morning in the house of hobbits]

apt description of Boo, by good soul Eric Carle

the first of many many many busy days where we all fell asleep as quickly as we could.

I’ve been noodling on the – significance? enormity? utter normalcy? of having a 5 year old kid. Longest shortest time, as noted by others more wise than I. Of looking back and knowing now how a) completely ready we were, while b) being utterly ill prepared for the adventures ahead. Guess that’s the punchline, ain’t it? ‘Here you go – do your best, should turn out just fine, not that you have any idea what’s going on!’ – both strong beyond measure, self-righting at a miraculous level, and a real big pinch of ‘it’s just life as we know it’ thrown into the pot. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

fatherhood – day 1. c. Apr ’17, hobbit house

now look at me – er, still at hobbit house! still smiling!

Today’s awesome thing I found on the internet superhighway (ha ha ha – remember that?) is this wonderment –

(c) Adam G. – similar to learning to understand your kiddo. c. Apr ’22, colossal town

This Is Colossal once more introduces me to an artist whose work makes me pause, smile, enjoy. Also learned about ’36 Days of Type’ – so yay! I hope you find new, exciting, fun, happy making things in your world today.

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