Later in the weak, oddly in May

Later in the weak, oddly in May

downtown transit choices, c. Apr ’16, seattletown

|Tue 31 May 2022 @12:11|
[It’s alright ma (I’m only bleeding) sings bob on John on tues 24th]

So storytelling – that’s what all of this ever was, will ever be right? I took some time to plot out last weeks amazing arc – the highs, the lows. Funny – it turns out I had mushed Tuesday into Monday – so that all of Monday had some breathing room. Kiddo to the park. Rain at the park so we headed home. Rain and wind at home – and alarms about Tornado Warnings!! Power outages and storms pass by and why – Hello! – we meet our next door neighbor face to face.

Because the tree limb hit her workshop shed!


So let me share something wonderful with you – over on YouTube Tom Scott takes us along on some interesting adventures. This Is Colossal has a few of them. It’s an example of ‘crossover’ – Colossal has been my go-to for ‘good’ news; Tom has edu-tained me for a few years. Look at that – they like each other!

(c) grace ebert / thisiscolossal – c. Feb ’22, scotlandtown

It’s like today when I was tuning into the Dear Hank & John show/podcast when John admits his YouTube watch history is populated with recent views of ‘hoof cleaning’ – exactly the same category as Boo! (I do believe it’s the payoff of a lost bet between Team Russia and Team China hackers, but I could be wrong.)

‘on holding grief’ john speaks with Gabriel; on holding and letting go of grief. an ever-going process? – from John from Friday 27th. ‘hey – what do YOU want to listen to? send your requests’

I sit here with the whir of the ‘evening’ routine – listening to some keXp archives, kiddo and Boo in the other room, and I’m sliding over to my feels from last week, driving my kid in – the fear of the events of Uvalde fresh, I worried.

but it’s normal for humans to misrepresent the threats. such foolish creatures, us. what ‘cha gonna do?

Our 53Frames challenge last week was to be inspired by a photography; well … damn. Luckily there world’s knowledge is but a keystroke of 38 away – and thus I was introduced to Garry Winogrand, street photographer though he disliked that phrase, and I saw a picture that caught my soul. Trying to find a path to a framed copy – a cool couple of YouTube vids informed my limited understanding of photographers. I will say it made me grab my ‘big camera’ for the trek to grab the kid – I like taking photos. Some of them are pretty alright I think.

[found in my search for a poster that, well – tougher than I think it should be. this book – ‘The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand by Geoff Dyer’ seems to be worth hunting, also ‘la strada’ in photo sections

And so it goes – right? the rage, the frustration – a few phone calls to our ‘representatives’ – it doesn’t get us anywhere. So what to do when the only thing we can do (it seems) doesn’t get the end change we want? Join the chorus shouting? Ok. Donate to Everytown to further study and campaigns? Ok. Keep tabs on the genuine folk in your realm – the good souls John, Miss Ashley, Jo-Anne, Alisa,

|Tue 31 May 2022 @17:36| – from Friday may 27th, John spins up Cat Stevens ‘Where do the children play?’ – how how how to make sense of the madness?

|Wed 01 Jun 2022 @13:47| – was cooling off Roz when ‘swhoooosh – crack – rustle rustle rustle’ – watched the last sky reacher limb from ‘Old Big and Scary’ threw itself to the ground.

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