Street Saviors, even in July

Street Saviors, even in July

think my photog joy is extra when it’s with nature. c. Aug ’12, hobbit house

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[two lanes will take us anywhere… sings Bruce, from Thunder Road, as Esmée picked for Radio Central, New Zealand, 90.6fm]

Blood offered me tickets. Kevin offered me understanding.
I accepted my self-made regrets. Ah 1986 – what a stranger time, eh?

Now friends are faced with the challenge of who we are now and how did we get to this point in our universe? I don’t envy the situation while at the exact same time would really really really really like to have the difficult conversation. Alas I know there are historical precedents for this exact situation, and what little I know (I mentioned to Boo how I’m making up for my poor public education by watching Ms. Marvel, in which I learn my totality of the India/Pakistan ‘troubles’ – yay for adult learning!) the recent time we were this stretched it ended poorly; guess I could deep dive to see how the beginning worked in places, and how the ending was handled, and how 50 years on it rings – true? hollow? Perhaps I’ll play one of those ‘how does Japan/Germany teach WWII?’ YouTube videos. If only we had that platform in the 80s, eh?

/’So Irresistible’ into ‘We Gotta Get Outta This Place’ by The Angels – Esmée pre-weekend show./

‘A better life for me and you’ – part of my confusion stems from presumption; that -all- organized religions are good/ones; that a location imparts a uniform experience; that there’s a narrow path at the fork – when in fact the path is a stream that turns into a very wide water obstacle to ford/navigate. Which bank did you end up stuck on?

I ended up on the bank where helping those who need help is the right thing. Being an obstacle to the arrival of others who are seeking up and out is the problem. Really simple terms, simple ideas – big me, little me.

Did I later in life realize that was a bit of the ol’ religious propaganda? Yeah. Did I have to -realize- that it was a ‘blessed’ book, vs. the ideas shown within were a template for a ‘good life’ – sure. I’d have to say the content’s core truth was powerful enough to resist the stain of blessing. Then again I’ve been a stupefyingly lucky fellow.

/Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something :: Esmée @ Radio Central, New Zealand!/

‘No common ground to start from / And we’re falling apart / You’ll say the world has come between us / Our lives have come between us / Still I know you just don’t care’ – well, that certainly says something. Kindly reminder – lyrics – find them, read them, seek the good inside!

So something good, eh? Friends. Dreams. Family.

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