Maybe this time, even in May

Maybe this time, even in May

|| 122 : 02 May 2023 @21:41 || – ‘take it slow’ spins on kexp – Kevin Cole’s drive time tune ‘Tome Courtenay’ from Yo La Tengo

kid on a scooter moving along sidewalk
surreal feeling of safety and goodness; something about a circle I believe. c. Apr ’23, 1 Trinity Yorkville

Funny the place I find myself wandering about – some pretty clear ideas, certainly within my ability to pursue; but stuck, can’t get going, a few moments of certitude then life comes crashing in and I feel unmotivated, defeated, tired.

Could be all sorts of things I suspect.

Enough about myself – how are you? Doing well? Decently? Well, good – glad you’re finding a new normal – as we all are.

I’m sitting in the ‘p.en’ – porch x den – watching my dueling slideshows; which camera battery will die first? Canon Point and Shoot v. Nikon ‘real’ DSLR? only time will tell. At which time I’ll be able to see if the new chargers I picked up for a soon to happen trip work as designed; fingers crossed I’ll be able to use a USB cable like a normal tech consumer in the 21st Century, eh?

Had a fun outing on Saturday – well, two of them actually. Had a ‘Spring Fling’ at Excellsior for Rumbly, then I pursued a ‘me’ event at McCabe’s – alas though it was good it wasn’t exactly how I thought it would go. Here’s to Anna, wonderful Bartender who – for some reason the Universe will never share – actually was a KEXP listener, for the years she lived in Seattle. So – ‘go and hang with kexp fans – check!’

It was also a stupid love evening in durhamtown – a town that is rapidly changing into … something amazing. Did I also have a chat with a fellow in town for his daughter’s re-location out of Boston? Was he and his wife alumni of Utica College in the 90s? Did I run into a fellow out of Syracuse when last I hung about the haunt of Jo & Joe’s? The world we live in I tell ya.

evening scene from park to surrounding buildings
Due to a snap from ’07 showing this scene before it all changed, here’s the updated shot. c. Apr ’23, durhamtown

Ok – so this here is a post on my blog. Do I have more than one blog? Yes. Is that an issue? I think so, yes. Do I know what I want to do about it all? Um, maybe?

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