August Twelfth, again

August Twelfth, again

keep looking up isn’t a bad message, eh?

How to find my path in this world? – a worthwhile ponder, wouldn’t you agree? Alas I might have been better served with that having been the goal of 1990 instead of 2020. But w/o a time machine I’ll do what I can.

Trav + bokeh = … well, something. c. Jul ’20, hobbit house

been having a little fun with my photos this past week – as seen above, why worry how close they are to reality if they make me smile, right?

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//12:09p+12Aug20 = Wednesday, which is also noted by good soul John to be “March 480th” || erm – Arrested Development sings of Tennessee, as per good soul John’s Disc Jockeying leet skillz!//(though aslo, below – huh…)(oops – no – the copy and paste and re-format then try a table? nope nope nope – text is king!)

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