After 25 months we’re at 60, even in April

After 25 months we’re at 60, even in April

a photo shoot of epic awesomeness! c. Apr ’17, hobbit house

|Sat 16 Apr 2022 @16:46|

the moon is full, the boy is resting, the in-laws chat with Boo post Seder festivities. I note that I’m quite the usual scott – anxious annoyed worried weary over it attentive and learning hoping hopeful here.

longest shortest time indeed. c. Apr ’22, hobbit house

The potential observations from those who were in my place – it’s a soft wondering, I sense good, hopeful comments. which – yay.

before we came home, our special peanut. c. Apr ’17, chapel hill town

So many points along the way – in the early days we were focused/distracted by the incredible-ness – like, whoa.

As the months piled on, as other details and observations and – let’s face it, concerns – cropped up – the ride kept going round and round, but the wobbles, the odd vibrations came and went. How many words you ask? Well …

followed by love. love that I never realized would materialize. certainly appropriate but unexpected. I try to be grateful for that each and every day. the routines change and certain call outs fade from the night time off to bed commentary. but I hold no illusion that where we are – how well his life is – is by the grace and kindness of those who love us. Someday I’ll figure out the appropriate words/actions/gifts to show all of y’all.

And so we keep on keeping on, right?

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