a lovely morning of a very nice day

a run about the yard with the kiddo, poppop mower slung along, mom makes it out to the stoop, he says ‘come on – little push’ and a day starts well enough. odd, concerning news. an insanely great radio show from good soul John – just kept it going the entire time, from Instant Karma all the way through.

Chat with Peter – always good. He said – and I heard – some key descriptors of who I am. funny that, eh?

once a long time ago I went west, and found the Pacific. c. Dec ’97, Oregon coast

simply wonderful – that’s the essence of the joy I feel when I rock the kid back to sleep – it’s just pure … quiet, basic, one to one with a destination close at hand.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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