Of simple mornings past, oddly in October

Of simple mornings past, oddly in October

blue skies cold days fall in durhamtown

Saturday mornings cup of coffee stack of eggos Lego my waffles. We used to start our days after the comics and maybe a bowl of cereal but now I default scan for any and all communications, the latest and greatest and must terrifying updates in all the news of the world, if I’m feeling plucky perhaps some this day one day oh my goodness what a sail shopping.

a stab of sunshine across a sat morn nosh. c. Oct ’20, hobbit house

A line appears below here – I wonder why? Saturday mornings are oft challenging beyond recourse – I wonder why? le… sigh!

the Line appears above here – I wonder why? Perhaps a conflict between the start of the powst on android and the additional additions and edits in Win10/FF? Who really knows? How could we figure it all out, what with our lack of trust and knowledge of science. I suspect – but cannot prove – it is the space between the electrons.

an errand on a fall day, bright and cloudy. c. Oct ’20, durhamtown

And then running around outside or hopping on the bike and riding somewhere Delta Park or lake Delta better name for it, or driving to some strange Park of the world with a castle, or river, and then sometimes many weekends I was riding a motorcycle to go see friends want to come back from Friends or to go see family or to come back from family. The newspaper would be scanned headlines are important perhaps we have traded up to date knowledge for recollections of a life in the past.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//10:40a + 17Oct20 = Saturday morning || the pad pad pad of happy little feet bopping back and forth in the play room – happy little pad pad pad//

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