Closer to your heart, even in October

Closer to your heart, even in October

a variety of sky

another morning, yesterday was oddly draining, though perhaps the culmination of the long weekend? oh well – great clouds to share so … let me get to that, eh?

//09:39a – “… to make your troubles go away” sings Andra Day – looking for the quick fix, eh? perhaps//

pretty, ain’t it? no clue as to when or where

I’m waiting to attend a work Zoom meeting – 7 months in and I should be an expert but in actuality I’ve never really committed to the whole work-from-home ‘it’s just like the office but different’ – have I adapted for say my counseling sessions? yup – and it was quite odd in the beginning. Perhaps if we had been doing the vid calls for longer I don’t know. Wish me luck.

//9:03a+20Oct20 = Tuesday morn || “just gotta find my purpose” sings Uptown Swuite & SoulChef on ‘Find My Way’ on keXp’s Early with Gabriel//

++ ++ ++

not sure if cinematography is the correct work for a television show, or if a TV show is 90 mins does it slide over to movie? hinterland is shot in / about wales and it is brutally beautiful, stunning landscapes of epic rugged sadness. trying to process it ’cause how do you get ‘wow’ from ‘whoa – so many stone buildings falling down!’ – so, kudos to the pros who make is amazing

//10:24a+19Oct20 = Monday morn || “I bought all the drugs I could find” sing The Neverly Boys on ‘Never Come Down’//

+++ +++ +++

& @8:27a Marc Cogman guides us to a place where we can breathe in deep – just have run like hell…

Well that’s a bit chilly

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//7:59a+18Oct20 = Sunday in the am, cold even || Rush belting out an anthem of my life – “Closer to the Heart”//

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