“It’s Pingu – it’s a penguin!” says Rumbly in his happy voice, even in October

“It’s Pingu – it’s a penguin!” says Rumbly in his happy voice, even in October

sunshine and saw blades

it’s his giggling every single time he watches that makes us so happy – through a child’s eyes, eh?

oh the trys we tried to help improve life. Sorry, didn’t mean to cause you strife. c. dec ’05, whitestown town

in searching for remembrances it was nice to see the kindnesses that blood and I tried to give ma. I can see now that perhaps all the fury, all the chaos and hectic-ness – probably didn’t need all that. but boy howdy did she love her tech!

in the in-between years, when I was decidedly hurt and lost I had no idea what the future would bring – hell, I’ve never really known. I see now that being a parent is a different life, and in this lifetime (as a parent) I’ve found myself thinking more about Mom as ‘a mother’, as well as Dad in his role too. The other week I had the clearest recollection of taking a thread-ripper to a patch covered denim jacket – in one night I destroyed the work of unknown hours my ma put into making my jacket ‘mine’ – I can’t recall the vagaries of why I wanted a patch-less jacket, it’s just a moment that has a new meaning to me.

You worked tirelessly to make my life better ma – for that I am grateful every day. For the torment I put you through I am gradually more sad – you didn’t need it, you didn’t deserve it. Alas, without a time machine it is what it is – moments where I cringe and think ‘wow – still loved me after that – just wow…’

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