Dreaming of a better future, even in December

Dreaming of a better future, even in December

and also wow! c. Dec ’20, durhamtown @ roz

//12:05a+28 Dec 20= late/early sun mom || fictional fights that lay paths to fantastical & fool hardy expectations//

Hi. How ya doing? Good I hope – it’s that weird weariness of a) getting this far, and b) it seeming that we’re only half-way there. Perhaps it’s the moving of the goalposts shit, eh? Nov 6th! December Electoral vote! January Congressional acceptance!! January 20th, motherfucker – let’s just start 2021 there and then, eh? gah!

color is part of celebration. c. Dec ’20, Hobbit House

So we wrap up this craptacular year.

I wonder if I should turn this blog into a clip show – like ‘hey – Matt – check out this destructive method of opening a lock! imagine if we had been inspired by this shit when we were chillaxin’ in the Town of White? Zoot!!’

Or … (erm, which vids to share? John and Hank? Peter? Casey (oh casey…) Chris and Becky? oddly, superspeeder Rob? like there’s lots – such as the Lawyer, and the lock-picking lawyer. what of the van life folk? or the buJo gurus? ack!!!) … isn’t this an old idea – trade 3×5 cards at dinner with friends – see this post, this site, this video… ’cause community!

Well, as I always do I’ll be looking forward to the completely new, totally different, all original and the best – Scott, 2021!! Fuck yeah! Stay tuned :- )

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