authorities are morally bankrupt, even in January

authorities are morally bankrupt, even in January

the clouds were low, then they got high

Sunny and crisp, we aim to fall back into our scheduled routine, even though none of this is routine. Had some interaction with a new soul over comments on a friend’s post on the Book of Faces (note, not called the “Book of Truth & Enlightenment Leading Towards A More Just Universe For All Living Things”); I was pleased that connection and communication happened. Perhaps 10+ months in isolation takes a toll, eh?

toys with wheels are often/always a joy for many. c. Jan ’21, hobbit house

The title is cribbed from “State Prisoner”, and I just finished hearing/listening to “I Can’t Breathe” by H.E.R. (obviously via Gabriel Teodros on keXp’s Early show) – somewhat ties into the discussion I had last night. Also had the associated/tangential thoughts that our high and mighty ‘American Culture’ is muchly equivalent to the ‘All Natural Ingredients’ labeling of Twinkies – sure, you might want folks to believe we’re the land of the free, home of the brave, where truth and justice are along the American Way – but the actual reality is, as noted by our current times of unrest – we can’t breathe. Cop’s knee on throat, choke-hold employed against someone selling loosies, going for a run equals a communities sanctioning murder. There were similar ‘we’ll focus on one thing that has two sides’ in the group talk last night when the actual focused point was ‘when faced with this truth this is the only morally acceptable action, period’ – it was interesting to me to see the scope/range of the discussion being staked out in January 2021. Some things due to our recent outing as moral cretins seem beyond civilized conversation yet – the group engaged otherwise.

Ah the temptations of youth – to be there, to be right, to be correct, to call out and have others arrive at your point, the obviously only one that is clearly the right one. Rinse. Repeat. Have you heard of … [insert your favorite rebellion, uprising, social justice movement, actions in pursuit of a better world (anti-apartheid encampment on the Hamilton College campus in the late 80s – did it end Apartheid? meruhhum… no idea. Did it allow me – 30+ years later – to be cognizant of a greater social struggle outside my safe confines of upstate New York? yup.) ] – we all have places we are willing to stand and die. That’s the right thing. Problem is some think it’s respect and protections for all humans, others are really hung up on the color of skin, the religion of your ancestors – it’s something we’ve yet to overcome.

//02:28p – || “Democracy” covered by The Lumineers from Kevin Cole’s Drive Time show, keXp, siege day 6 jan 21//

didn’t hear on the day – apparently Biden noted that what we see is a very small fraction of a percent of all Americans. We are better than that. I truly hope so. we are capable of incredible and drastic and quick change. How’s the movie house near you? been there lately?

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:52a + 18Jan21 = Monday morn, Martin Luther King Jr. day || “Is It Because I’m Black” by Salaam Remi feat. Black Thought, Syleena Johnson, Anthony Hamilton, CeeLo Green & Stephen Marley via Gabriel on Early on keXp, which spun after “State Prisoner” by Black Thought//

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