‘the apples are in between you’, even in April

‘the apples are in between you’, even in April

the day above the fun below

//12:25pm + 18 Apr ’21 = Sunday afternoon || slow rollin’ thru Rumbly’s love of apples!//

recall a kindly drive about to take pics last year. one of the highlights honestly. c. Mar ’20, durhamtown

these will be the days that make us shake our heads and think “whoa… what a time – just, you know – go to the potty. how hard can it be?”

//11:41a Mon 19th – why do I feel compelled to ‘keep’ the work that I do?

for someone who’s fairly clueless about growing things, I take decent pics of flowers. c. Dec ’17, durthamtown

I put a bit of work into preparing the single flower above, but I kinda just flailed to get the ‘drive by’ shot into this post – so that I have an image (that’s important to me to include something of objective value in each post, vs. say my brilliant insight into the world at large, etc.) – but it’s not a great shot. what was I thinking? (was I interrupted by the million and one-th thing that day?) why am I reluctant to select and hit ‘delete’? hell – the reason I’ve been trying to get these posts out/up is to have the ‘perfection’ goal/dream lowered in importance. sigh.

could it be my inner artist? is this how others who make art feel when the just phone it in?

and here’s a version with some ‘skill’ smote upon it. still c. Mar ’21, durhamtown

and thus proves … artistic ego? hmmm…

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