Oddly hopeful, in December

Oddly hopeful, in December

|Wed 01 Dec 2021 @21:34|
radio central, new zeland 90.6 fm spins … just a mix of wow – Vanilla, Steely, last night Right Said Fred

hello once more, from a quiet Hobbit House, filled with complex creatures and very very good hugs.

I want to have less ‘thoughtless’ minutes in my day, in my life. Part of what I’ve accomplished during these trying times was follow along and take a thematic photo every week for the past 52 of them – I’m sure I wrote of the 52Frames photo community. Get to call myself a ‘weekly warrior’ so – woot! go me!

funny what brings you joy & pride. c. dec ’21, hobbit house

I’d laugh at the incredible ease in which I fall down the endless scroll – when I say ‘No!’ to the Book of Faces, I find myself fascinated by all the cool stuff on reddit. I mean, how are we supposed to compete with multi-billion dollar R&D? I mean, besides becoming Luddites? It’s a mind-fucker, tell ya that much. Thankfully if I’m successful in the least, by the time I’m ‘recovered’ there will be the ‘well son, when I was young…’ convo that misses all the marks.

How are you?

Are you getting thru in a halfway decent form? I mean – congrats if you are! Care to share your secret? I’m a big fan of momentum – oddly enough dropped that ball over the long weekend. Oh – and music. ‘Medicine in the Music’ as good soul Gabriel Teodros speaks, way on yonder in the FM range, 90.3 – Seattle.

But really – those Kiwis are programing on a whole other realm!

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