2 years on, even in March

2 years on, even in March

nighttime burst of color, c. Mar ’12, chapel-hill-town

|Tue 15 Mar 2022 @11:39|
this should be up on Fri the 18th; essentially 104 weeks since I went home one Friday and stayed. whoa
[on a somewhat unsurprising note, seems the fine folk at Radio Central New Zealand do have a programed list of songs – Radio Waves into Muskrat Love; it’s an audacious segue that … well, once sure; twice in a month? prob not…]

Hi. How’s things? Has our recent chaos turned you into a vanguard of positivity? or are you – like myself and many others – wondering if twice as much will be better than half as much in our daily ‘extras’ intake? sigh

I sit here and hold onto hope that in a few months time things will arc back towards ‘normal’, or as normal as we’re going to get. Having an underage kiddo has definitely made an impact on our lives – will it be different once we can wander as a family? Not sure.

|Wed 16 Mar 2022 @14:14| – current events – that’s the phrase, right? turbulent events would probably cause unnecessary worry, yes? Had a nice chat with Boo this morn regarding unexpected emails that add to the options choices we have for the boy – not that it becomes easier, but – I realize how damn lucky we are to have choices. Read a quip about curiosity being the leveler in discourse, possibly redirecting the energies away from full on defense. All good – but how to engage with curiosity when what you’d like to do is smack the loving shit out of someone? Inquiring minds and what not…

I hope – oh how I hope – we are bending towards peace, as good soul John speaks.

Good soul Hank has some words too.

At lease keXp has some live sessions happening that bring joy – say Jason Isbell covering R.E.M.’s ‘Driver 8’ – remember how awesome that track was?

Let’s see how long I can keep this up – think tomorrow I’ll share something cool.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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