“Who’s Ken?” Boo asks incredulously, even in September

“Who’s Ken?” Boo asks incredulously, even in September

visuals better than audio, alas

such is the power of the technology in our lives. Alas. May her week of freedom enlighten her to the powers in our lives. I’ll just be over here blogging to the ether.

from lifetimes ago a recollection that change is possible. c. ’92, hunsrucktowne, (c) Christopher Howe

pondering this day – my DC Universe NPC wandering the Marvel grittiness – how to succeed? additionally, perhaps last night – this – this here – is the American Apartheid moment… how to succeed.

//12:10p – “Soldiers” by J.Period feat. dead prez, SA-ROC, Maimour … ‘4 dead in ohio’ … the doom is gloomy and gathering…//

//08:34a+24Sep20 = Thursday, oh Thursday … || “Paper Tiger” by Beck on keXp, the good soul DJ Miss Ashley spinning tunes//

+ + + + + + + + +

//10:04a+25Sep20 = Friday || “John’s hip hope intro as I read David Whyte, with “Corner of My Sky” by Kelly Lee Owens feat. John Cale”, on keXp’s The Morning Show//

“good morning, you are not alone” says my morning DJ. the rain outside makes me feel cold, achey, drained of energy a half our after throwing myself out of the bed.

++ ++ ++

January to February seems like a lifetime ago, eh? c. Jan ’20, durhamtown

My draft post had a ‘block’ where I was trying to insert a photo. It’s definitely one of the good things I get from plunking along with this … project. I think one of the impacts of our quarantimes effort has been the encampment mentality – I’ll snap pics as I drive about – I’ve seen lovely art in support of the protest of all the things bad and wrong this summer – but not a lot has happened on the home front – lots of pics of a chaotic home, but those really aren’t ‘share-worthy’, eh?

//1:59p+28Sep20 = Monday afternoon || “Rebel Rebel” cover by Seu Jorge … wow – thanks DJ Evie!//

One of these days I’ll have a process where my thoughts and shares are captured, made readable, and then published. Until then, though – hi. What a weekend. so cloudy, so grey, so un-energized. Until an outing for distance music followed by the Kiddo having a Great Time (r) at the park.

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//10:50a+28Sep20 = Monday morn || Arlo Parks song “Hurt” on the Morning show on keXp, with DJ Troy//

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  1. Who IS Ken? Hmmmm

    I see you! Even through the grey cloudy skies…. it’s amazing how that shades one’s perspective, eh?
    But always waiting underneath/behind -> the vast blue sky

    We had quite the stark contrast here this past week – today was bluebird, & all seemed more manageable somehow.


    Carol W.

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